Big benefits from our mild and wet summer

Spectacular displays of reds, oranges, and yellows in the landscape. Red Sunset, Redpointe, October Glory, Autumn Blaze, and Sugar Maples are glowing this fall. Black Gum and and Sweet Gum have brilliant fall color. The burning bush have not colored up this nice in several years.

With rainy fall weather, most of our fall color will be leaving us sooner than we'd like. Leaves gone but not forgotten, soon a blanket of multicolored leaves in our yards will cover the grass we work so hard to maintain.

Simply removing fallen leaves, branches and other debris can make a world of difference in turf. And mowing turf shorter for the final cut of the season will help it to retain better color throughout the winter. Don’t forget late-fall fertility; this last feeding for the fall has a large effect on the overall turf throughout the winter and leads to a quick spring green-up.