Moles or Voles?

With the snow finally melting and people getting back out into their yards, at the Grass Pad we have had many customers reporting tunnels and holes in their yards.

Seeing tunnels and holes many will immediately assume moles. While moles have had millions of years of evolution in honing their excavation skills, they are not the only creatures that instinctively dig or that will occupy mole tunnels. In fact, a variety of rodents (unrelated to moles) will gladly take advantage of abandoned mole tunnels as safe passageways from area to area.
Voles: Voles are rodents and generally are 4-7 inches in body length with small eyes and ears. They look like a mouse with very small ears and virtually no tail. When seen, many people will call them field mice. They eat a variety; of plants, grasses, crops and bark. 

Notice in this photo the trails above the ground. These trails were created as small tunnels under the snow pack while the vole traveled outside his tunnel foraging for food, in this case eating the green grass plants.

If you have voles come on down and we can show you how to catch them little critters and keep them out of the house.