Time for Peach Leaf Curl Control

February-Early March
If you have ever seen emerging peach leaves that are puckered, swollen, distorted and reddish-green color, you have seen peach leaf curl. Uncontrolled, this disease can severely weaken trees because of untimely leaf drop when leaves unfurl in the spring.

Fortunately, peach leaf curl is not that difficult to control if the spray is applied early enough. Depending on the weather, now is a good time to take action to control the disease. However, by the time you see symptoms, it is much too late. Fungicides are ineffective for peach leaf curl if applied after buds begin to swell. Recent cold temperatures should keep trees in tight bud long enough to find a window for application.

To control peach leaf curl, a single fungicide application of Monterey Fruit Tree, Vegetable & Ornamental Fungicide needs to be made between now and when the buds swell in early spring.  Don't spray when temperatures will fall below freezing before the spray dries. Fall and early winter is usually a good time to spray for leaf curl because the weather may be dry and it is easier to move equipment the yard.