Weeds Happen!

Early warming spring soils are generating bumper crops of broadleaf weeds. Cool season grasses like bluegrass, fescue and rye, which would normally out compete ugly summer weeds in cool soils, are being steam rolled by these lawn invaders. Fall seeded bare spots and lawn renovations are susceptible to a weed home invasion this spring.

“Uncle, I followed your Fall Renovation Program, I used your weed free grass seed. Why do I have weeds in my yard?" When preparing your lawn for over seeding you had to create pathways for grass seed to reach the soil. If the grass seed didn’t reach the soil, it wouldn’t have grown. Uncle recommended verticutting or raking bare areas when you over seeded last fall. Anytime you disturb the soil (aeration, dethatching, verticutting, or raking), you risk exposing dormant weed seeds. Weed seeds suspended under the soil, too deep to germinate were waiting for their opportunity to spring to life and they did. Your grass however; benefits from the extra water and fertilizer and will outgrow the weeds.

Controlling Broadleaf weeds: As soon as you have mowed the grass seedlings 2 times, catch a day above 50 degrees and spray an application of Speed Zone and Spreader Sticker. The weeds will dissolve away and immediately be replaced by the vigorously growing grass.

Controlling Crabgrass: The majority of these lawn invaders will be annual grassy weeds like crabgrass, foxtail and goose grass; still dormant in early spring. It is extremely important to apply PREVENT, crabgrass preventer, in the spring. If you have dormant grass seed in early spring, or if the seedlings have not been mowed twice, an application of GOLF COURSE STARTER now and tupersan, seed safe pre-emergent, by Tax Day followed by PREVENT, crabgrass preventer, 6 weeks later is your best prevention for ugly grassy weeds. 

Weeds happen, don’t get frustrated and don't give up. Above all don’t judge your fall lawn renovation in March and April, judge your work in May, when warmer soils and aggressive grass plants are filling in those bare spots.