March is for Planting, Not for Fiddling

For my Irish Uncle, March always meant Saint Patrick’s Day, corned beef and cabbage, boiled potatoes and dark beer of any color. Brisk days of wind and sun were a sure sign that spring was upon the land and life would be good.

Kansas City has less corned beef than Limerick, but the message of March is the same. The time for planting is at hand.

In the garden, cold weather root crops of all kinds can now be planted. Red and white seed potatoes to be boiled or baked are in stock and ready to plant. Onions: red, white, and yellow both plants and sets are ready to be rowed in. Garlic bulbs may be set and asparagus roots trenched in.

Grass Pad Asparagus root
Seeds, cold weather plants like beans, peas, and radishes may now be planted. Starter plants of cold crops like lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, and brussel sprouts may be set out. Some for the rabbits, and some for you. Rabbits after all, are just leprechauns with fur coats.

For landscape planting bare rootstock of all kinds: flowering shrubs, English Garden hostas, bleeding hearts, lily of the valley and dozens more may be planted now at tremendous cost savings. Planting rootstock available in March, can save fifty to eighty per-cent over mature plants purchased later in May. Likewise, plant material purchased locally is larger and of higher grade than dried out catalogue starters purchased by mail or Internet.

Find a picture you like in a mail order garden catalogue and take it to the Grass Pad. They probably have it in stock and can tell you if it will do well in the Kansas City area. Plants that do well in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Dallas will all be in a catalogue. But they may not do well in Kansas City.

For the lawn, now is the time to fill in winter dead spots. Seeding projects started early give grass plants a head start on nasty weeds which sprout with hot summer weather. Fast starting seed blends like Macho Mix, Stadium Special, or Estate Mix will come up even in cool spring soils. These should be fertilized with Golf Course Starter or Renovator once now and again in three weeks.

In spring bare spots, the race is on. It will be grass or weeds. For homeowners who get to the Grass Pad now it will be grass. For those who fiddle it will be ugly weeds.