Time to Plant

Snowflake Pansies
Now is the time to plant. It’s not all that complicated. I expect it started with the caveman. It was written about in the Old Testament and illustrated on the walls of Pharaoh’s tomb. It is a deep-seated human urge. Spring is for planting.

Most people dig in the dirt because it’s fun. We plant things because it is rewarding and therapeutic. It raises our spirits and calms the soul. It teaches us patience. Taking care of your lawn or garden is like going to the gym, the therapist, the park and golf course and calling Dr. Phil all at once, and it’s less expensive. Today lawn and garden projects are like fishing: less about food for the family and more about recreation for body and spirit.

Get started today. Here are three simple projects that are guaranteed if you do them today:
  1. Plant Stadium Special grass seed in your front lawn 
  2. Plant a flat of Snowflake Pansies by the front door. 
  3. Plant Bruce’s bare-root hosta lilies in a shady spot 
Don’t wait. Just put down your coffee, get in the car and go get the stuff. Do it now. It will take less than an hour. Your first spring project will be complete and your caveman/cavewoman spirit will be rejuvenated.

Keep is simple. Remember, the benefits of planting and cultivating come from doing the project, not fretting about it. For most lawn projects get 10 minutes of good advice and get started. After that, trust your own experience. If what you did last year worked will, do it again. If it failed, try something else.

Many of my customers are overwhelmed by too much information. There are books at Barnes and Noble, university pamphlets at the extension offices, master gardener hot lines, and the Radio Wizard and Martha on TV. There are the “I know better” plant police. The Google Web site gives 137 million sites for “garden” and 15.5 million sites for “lawn.”

My mother says to keep it simple. I like to think we have a simple research program at the Grass Pad. Every year we listen to our customers’ experiences. They use our products and report on the results. We have 10,000 research assistants reporting on what works and what doesn't. Every year we get a score.

Mother Nature’s simple, idiot-proof lawn program starts early and follows the natural cycle of the grass plant. Remember that in nature the grass plant over seeds itself every year. This provides genetic diversity and youthful vigor to the plant culture.

In nature, grass plants grow tall in hot summer weather to crowd out weeds. In your lawn, close-mowed turf needs help with hot-summer weed control. Over seed your lawn every year, just like Mother Nature. Replant shady lawn areas in the spring.

Apply two applications of crabgrass pre-emergent. Once now, and again on June 1.

Simple as that.