Dare to Go Bare!

Hostas Emerging
English Garden hosta lilies are as close to “idiot proof” as a plant can get. These tufted leafy plants are grown for both their distinctive foliage and seasonal flowers. Their foliage will vary from deep green to bright yellow, as well as dozens of variegated combinations in between. Their leaves may be large, small, radial or oval. Their flowers form in spikes or clusters at the end of a central stalk that rises out of the foliage in July.

Classic hostas may be used in key positions in the garden where fine foliage effects can be appreciated. They do well in containers or as border plantings for sidewalk patio or foundations. They are often used as a frame for setting off summer annuals. Hostas do well planted at the base of shade trees, bird baths or statuary. In new homes, hostas are a low maintenance plant to help fill up endless rows of empty mulch beds.

Bare Root Hosta
But don’t be deceived. Once established hosta lilies are tough customers. They may be used in large beds, on slopes and low maintenance areas. They are outstanding when used on drainage ways to hold rock and flagstone in place. If a leaf is damaged simply cut if off and another will grow back.

Most hosta varieties prefer partial shade and moist soil in summer. Newer varieties will tolerate more sun. If you are planting a sunny spot check the Grass Pad labels to confirm your choice. An “Idiot proof” hosta planting kit include Landscapers Max Mix. Max Mix should be worked into the top six to eight inches of the soil. Follow with Uncle's Root Accelerator  once at planting and again at thirty day intervals.

Patriot Hosta
At Mid summer, potted hosta plants will cost as much as fifteen dollars. But right now hostas are available as bare root stock. These bare root plants are easy to establish and represent a real value. The Grass Pad has a terrific selection of old standards as well as new exotics. In either case the first time novice or the experienced gardener will save money. Uncle says load up now. Get your English Garden Hostas on the Cheap.