My Weeds Won't Die!

Dandy Dandelions
Kansas City lawns have a bumper crop of weeds this spring. Why?? Last summer’s dry weather opened lawns up to this spring’s lawn weed invasion.

Killing spring weeds is a matter of temperature and timing. Cold temperatures and unexpected rain showers will save unsightly weeds. The solution is to apply a repeat application when temperature and weather improve.

Liquid weed killers such as Trimec and Speed Zone will give the best kills on small leafed weeds. Performance will improve if Gordon’s Spreader Sticker is then added to the mix.

Loveland Weed & Feed will work at daytime temperatures above 70 degrees and nighttime temps above 65 degrees. It works best when applied to large damp leaves and no rain for 48 hours. Listen to the weatherman.

Cool spring temperatures of April give way to the predictable warm weather of May. Once temperatures warm into the 80 degree range, broadleaf weed killers work quickly. Dandelions and thistle will curl overnight and die. Dainty weeds such as clover and henbit will not curl but gradually turn yellow and disappear. If your weed killing program has been frustrated by cool rainy weather, wait for the sunshine…and try again.