Thrill Fill Spill: Idiot Proof Patio Pot Designing

Pots and planters decorate the porch and patio in spring. They provide design solutions to problem areas and enhance a garden setting. Containers emphasize entrances to homes; or to the garden from the patio. Containers can be used to screen unsightly views or soften the edge of a patio bordered by lawn. Pots full of plump, well cared for tropical add a lush, intimate feel to a patio seating area.

The pot spot is at the Grass Pad. Find glazed ceramic pots in bold coordinating colors, sizes and shapes for any backdrop. Choose with care; your relatives should want to fight over your pots! The bigger the better and the more, the merrier!

Uncle says three easy steps will create a basic framework for any pot, basket, or container. The rest is up to you.

The Thrill: The plants make the make the big impact and provide height and structure to your container. Dracaena spikes, Zonal Geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens or Dragon Wing® Begonia add thrill. Fireworks fountain grass or tropical hibiscus work well. Perennials such as sedum or penstemon can be use, also Magilla™ Perilla or the new Sun Patiens™.

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The Fill: Flowering or foliage plants that will fill out the body of your container. Choose complimentary colors of pastels or bold colors. Select plants that will grow at similar rates so one plant that will grow at similar rates so one plant does not overrun another. Diamond Frost Euphobia®, Osteospernum, and Lantana are just a few.

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The Spill: Trailing varieties that spill and cascade over the side of your container. For foliage try ivies, licorice plant or vinca vine. Add color with bacopa, trailing verbena, trailing calilbrachoa, scaevola or torenia.
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Try new plants and combinations. Use bold and colorful foliage. Add nontraditional plants such as caladiums, upright elephant ears, cannas or tropical variegated ginger or cordyline. Come on down to the Grass Pad we got everything you need to make you the envy of the neighborhood.

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