How to Kill Nutgrass or Nutsedge

Nutgrass or Nutsedge
Nutgrass is a common problem in summer lawns. Nutgrass or nutsedge has triangular stems with leaves that branch out in three different directions. Light green to yellow in color, nutsedge grows quickly in spring and summer, out growing grass in just a couple of days after mowing.

Nutgrass plants can regenerate from small nutlets formed on their root system under the soil surface these nutlets go unharmed by traditional contact weed controls, making nutsedge difficult to control. Avoid pulling the nutgrass plant by hand. Pulling nutgrass will stress plant and stimulate even more nutlets to sprout.

Yellow Nutsedge or Nutgrass
A liquid spray application using Uncle’s Nut Buster with Spreader Sticker is the most effective control for nutgrass in the home lawn. Spreader Sticker, a non ionic surfactant, helps hold the herbicide on to the waxy leaf of the nutgrass. Allow the herbicide to stay on the nutgrass leaf 48 hours before mowing or watering. Give the plant plenty of time to draw Uncle’s Nut Buster deep into the root system and nutlets for best control.

Timing is everything and early control is best. Nutgrass plants allowed to mature will stress when treated, stimulating more nutlets to sprout. However; be persistent and continue to spray the new plants as they emerge and you will be victorious.