Dormant Season Insect Control on Fruit Trees

Dormant Oil Sprays On Fruit Trees
Fruit trees are dormant now, but not for long. Control scale and mites in late winter to early spring with dormant oil or horticultural oils. Applied when fruit trees are in winter dormancy, hence the name, dormant oil sprays suffocate scale and mites along with their eggs that nest on the branches. Apples, crabapples , plums, and pears will all benefit from dormant oil spray. Horticultural oils work the same way, the difference is the lower oil viscosity allowing horticultural oils to be sprayed during the growing season for aphids and scale on shrubs and evergreens.

When to Use Dormant Oil on Fruit Trees

Watch the weather to determine when to use dormant oil. Spray fruit trees early, before  the buds on the trees begin to swell.  Spray on a calm day when the temperature is at least 40 degrees and no rain for 24 hour period.  Learn more about fruit tree pest control on our website. Always read and follow label directions.