Control Bagworms in Junipers Now!

Got Bagworms?  

You’ve seen them hanging from evergreens and spruce trees every summer. With our mild temperatures last winter you can expect record numbers. Left unchecked bagworm populations will grow to damaging levels very quickly. One bagworm can produce over 1,000 baby bagworms.

Bagworm eggs overwinter on the leaves and needles of a host plant and hatch in late spring to early summer. The best time to control bagworms is immediately after hatch, while bagworms are still small. Liquid controls will penetrate their cocoon bags more effectively when they are young. During the egg hatch until the bagworm is about the size of a pencil eraser are the most effective times to kill bagworms with a liquid application using one of Grass Pad's Critter Gitters such as Cyonara or Bifen.

Do it now! Spray liquid Critter Gitter while temperatures are still mild, and the bagworms are small for best control. Junipers and Spruce are bagworm magnets, but bagworms will feed on just about any plant. To apply, mix Grass Pad Critter Gitter according to label specifications, then saturate the leaves and needles thoroughly spraying the ground under trees and bushes is also recommended. Liquid Critter Gitter is also useful for control of fleas, ticks, ants, cricket and chiggers in the lawn.