Sensational Six Trees for Fall Foliage

#1 Red Rage® Black Gum

Discovered by plantsman Mike Hayman in southern Indiana, Red Rage features deep green, high gloss summer foliage that resists leaf spot, then turns bright red with the onset of fall weather. Height: 25' Spread: 20' Download Spec Sheet

Grass Pad Red Pointe Red Maple Tree

#2 Red Pointe® Red Maple

Brilliant red fall color plus upright, broadly pyramidal form make this red maple a stand out. The refined form and foliage of the best Acer rubrum cultivars combine wit the faster growth rate normally found in Acer x freemanii. A straight and dominant central leader results in strong branch angles that make it easier to grow. Height: 45' Spread: 30' Download Spec Sheet

#3 Wildfire® Blackgum

Warn your neighbors not to call 911, because this stunning shade tree will seem to burst into flames—not just once, but twice a year! Wildfire Black Gum pushes out fiery red leaves in spring which turn a cool green in the summer months, only to become ablaze again in fall. A single specimen in your yard will glow like a bonfire, and a row of trees lining your driveway or property line will become a breathtaking firestorm of red. This magnificent native tree isn’t one of those “live fast and die young” types, but is in it for the long haul, and many generations will be able to enjoy the show because of your wise choice. Height: 50' Spread: 30' Download Spec Sheet

#4 Presidential Gold® Ginkgo

Outstanding in both the nursery row and the landscape, this seedless cultivar may set the new standard among Ginkgos. Selected by Dr. Michael Dirr, it has a strong central leader and full branching when young, then develops a dense upright crown when mature. Height: 50' Spread: 40' Download Spec Sheet

#5 American Dream® Oak

Vigorous growing and broadly pyramidal with excellent density, this tree shines with bright green, glossy folige. Selected for strong resistance to anthracnose and powdery mildew, the broad, handsome leaves turn yellow and then tawny brown as they hold into early winter. Height: 50' Spread: 40' Download Spec Sheet

#6 Rainbow Pillar® Serviceberry

A spectrum of color from spring to fall. Butterflies are drawn to the plethora of white, nectar-rich blooms in spring. The flowers yield deep-purple fruits that are enjoyed by birds and wildlife. In fall, the leaves change to brilliant shades of yellow to red. An attractive small specimen tree, hedge or screen. Height: 20' Spread: 15'