Sensational Six Trees for Fall Foliage

Many people believe fall to be the most beautiful season, as leaves change from green to brilliant shades of yellow, orange, red and purple. Watching leaves turn color can be one of the highlights of the fall season.

Colorful fall leaves are almost magical and especially lovely when the most beautiful trees are in your own yard. Uncle created this list of our best landscape trees for Mid-West fall color. Uncle’s favorites are selected for hardiness in the mid-west and sure to perform beautifully in our area. Any of these beauties will add prominent color to your fall landscape.

Wildfire blackgum is a magnificent three season tree. New spring growth has a fiery red leaf turning green in summer and exploding into vivid flame-red again in fall. Outstanding as a specimen tree and breathtaking in rows along property lines or driveways. A very long-lived tree, the Wildfire blackgum will be enjoyed for many generations. Height: 50’ Spread: 30’ 

Red Rage blackgum with its deep dark green glossy leaves in summer has excellent resistance to leaf spot. Turning dazzling red with the arrival of fall weather, Red Rage Blackgum is native to Indiana. Height: 25’ Spread:20’ 

Red Pointe maple with its radiant red fall color and upright broadly pyramidal form make this improved red maple a stand out. A straight and dominant central leader result in strong branch angles makes Red Pointe one of the most desirable of all red maples. Height: 45' Spread: 30'

Sun Valley maple, a U.S. National Arboretum introduction, glows in the fall with reliable, bright red color. A hybrid between Red Sunset and Autumn Flame, it is seedless and features a very uniform, dense head. Height:40’ Spread:35’ 

Flashfire Sugar Maple was selected from Caddo Mountain sugar maple seedlings. This tree has the brightest red fall color we have seen from cultivars adapted to southern heat. It features dark green summer foliage with better mildew resistance that other Caddo selections. Strong growth, early fall color of intense red make Flashfire a very pleasing addition to the landscape. Height: 45’ Spread: 40’ 

Autumn Brilliance serviceberry is another ideal three-season tree with color from spring to fall. Butterflies are drawn to the abundance of white blooms in spring. The flowers produce purplish-blue fruits that attract birds and wildlife. In fall, the leaves change to shades of orange to red. An attractive small specimen tree perfect for hedges or screens. Height: 20' Spread: 15'

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