Sensational Six Trees for Fall Foliage

Grass Pad Afterburner Black Gum Tree

#1 Afterburner® Black Gum

The symmetrical, uniform and upright branch structure and straight central leader make this cultivar easier to grow and better suited than seedlings of the species for use as a street tree. High gloss foliage shines through the summer and then turns bright red n fall, burning brightly after most tupelo have defoliated. Height: 35' Spread: 20'

#2 Red Rage® Black Gum

Discovered by plantsman Mike Hayman in southern Indiana, Red Rage features deep green, high gloss summer foliage that resists leaf spot, then turns bright red with the onset of fall weather. Height: 25' Spread: 20' Download Spec Sheet
Grass Pad Flashfire Sugar Maple

#3 Flash Fire® Sugar Maple

Selected from Caddo Mountain sugar maple seedlings, this tree has the brightest red fall color seen in a cultivar adapted to Southern heat. It features dark green summer foliage, better mildew resistance than other Caddo selections, strong growth, and brilliant red, early fall color. Height: 45' Spread 40'

Grass Pad Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple

#4 Fall Fiesta® Sugar Maple

Sturdy and compact when young, this cultivar matures to become a full size specimen with an especially symmetrical crown and thick dark green summer foliage. Autumn brings on a mix of orange, red, and yellow colors. Height: 50' Spread: 40'

Grass Pad Red Pointe Red Maple Tree

#5 Red Pointe® Red Maple

Brilliant red fall color plus upright, broadly pyramidal form make this red maple a stand out. The refined form and foliage of the best Acer rubrum cultivars combine wit the faster growth rate normally found in Acer x freemanii. A straight and dominant central leader results in strong branch angles that make it easier to grow. Height: 45' Spread: 30'

#6 Dogwood

Spring flowering white, pink, or red dogwoods. Fabulous foliage, abundant flowers in a rainbow of colors, colorful fruit, beautiful bark and superb winter form are reasons that every landscape should include at least one dogwood. Few small trees suitable for garden use match their year-round beauty.