Spring Flowering Trees


Royal Star Magnolia
The early bloom on these favorites will pump up any yard or garden. Show off the plantation with the Royal Star or a Saucer Magnolia. 
Sauce Magnolia

The white flower of the Royal Star and the pink blossoms of the Saucer Magnolia are the first signs of spring here in the midwest.
Because the thrive in our area, they are at the top of Uncle’s list of Idiot Proof Plants. 

Jane Magnolia
Deep purple flower of the “Jane” magnolia has been around for a while and is a very under used variety. Scarlet paid a bundle to plant these at Tara. 

Sweet Bay Magnolia
The Sweet Bay magnolia, a magnificent glossy green leafed tree with a late blooming white flower, is a favorite with our customers. 

Brackens Brown Magnolia
 Also, the Brackens Brown Beauty magnolia is a cold hardy variety of the southern magnolia, with its large glossy evergreen leaf along with the citrus smell on the summertime blooms is soon to become a classic itself.


Eastern Redbud

Oklahoma Redbud

White Redbud
They’re not just redbuds anymore. Enjoy the beautiful pink buds of the traditional Eastern Redbud, or try some of the new varieties, the bright purple buds of the Oklahoma Redbud, the white flower of the White Bud, or the burgundy leaf of the Forest Pansy Redbud.


With spring flowers and winter color, crabapples have always been a springtime favorite at the Grass Pad. These are a few of our most popular. 

Royal Raindrop Crabapple
The Royal Raindrops and the Prairie Fire with excellent disease resistance and bright red flower is at the top of our most wanted list. 

Prairie Fire Crabapple

Sargenti Crabapple
Spring Snow, with its white flower and green leaf, is the only fruitless variety of crabapple. Sargenti crabapples are very small ornamentals that retain their fruit and are great for bird habitats.