Uncle's Masterpiece Azaleas

We look forward every year to the second week in April,  The Masters from Augusta Georgia. The real star of The Masters will be Mother Nature with her flowering azaleas, rhododendron and dogwood lining the course in full splendor. Every green and fairway beautifully carved from the Georgian hill country designed to add color and texture to a stunning backdrop. If you’ve never watched the Masters, it’s worth seeing just for its beauty.

Plant a little piece of the Masters in your backyard using azaleas. Spring flowering, azaleas are shade loving plants that will do well in many Kansas City landscapes. Best as foundation plantings on the north or east side of your home or under any shade canopy.

Uncle’s Masterpiece Azaleas that perform the best include Fuchsia, Rose and Mother’s Day. These compact evergreen azaleas will reach a mature height of 3-4 feet under ideal conditions. Hino-Crimson is a smaller bright red variety that is always popular.

Purple Spectacular ReBloom™ azaleas have been popular in just the last few years. Single purple flowers are blooming in spring, with sporadic summer flowers and then a mass reblooming in early fall.

Treat them right: Just like Uncle, azaleas and rhododendrons are acid soil lovers. Amend your soil with a combination of Uncle’s Professional Max Mix organic blend for drainage and peat compost for acid content. Mulch with pine bark mulch, a naturally acidic mulch. When transplanting azaleas or rhododendron fertilize with Uncle's Root Accelerator at planting. Fertilize established azaleas with Milorganite to give them the iron they need. Keep a soil test kit handy to check your soil pH. With a little extra effort up front, you can bring color and class to your shady spot.