Renovation Revelations

Measure the size of your lawn. An accurate measurement is important for calculating the right amount of grass seed and Renovator fertilizer. Simple way to measure is to walk the perimeter counting your steps, an average pace is about 3 feet. Multiply length x width and write it down.

Uncle's Tip: If you live in Johnson County Kansas you can find your land square footage via online mapping at Johnson County Automated Mapping Information System.

Choose the right seed for your conditions. Here are some questions that might help. What matters most to you about your lawn? What type of performance do you expect from your grass seed? Do you want the heat and drought tolerance of Macho Mix or would you prefer the golf course look and wear tolerance of Estate Mix? Is your lawn shaded or full sun? Do you have play areas for kids or big dogs? Our turf experts can guide you to the right seed for the right place.

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Watch the calendar! Timing is everything and the earlier the better for root development to ensure winter survival. Grass seed sown in August and September will germinate quicker than grass seed sown in April. Warm soils, short days, cool nights and the welcome rains of September promise lower water bills for fall renovation.