How High to Cut the Grass

Mow Reasons to Mow Better

Did you know that mowing your lawn not only makes it look great, it also becomes thicker and is more resistant to weeds, disease, and unwanted pests?

All lawns are not the same. Different grasses require different mowing requirements. Cut the grass too short it can become stressed and less dense. Left too tall during the rainy season, can lead to turf disease.  
What is the proper cutting height? Cool season grasses such as Heat Wave, MachoMix, Estate Mix and Blue Wave mowing height range between 2.5 to 4 inches. In early spring, mowing low, and not scalping, makes the grass dense. A dense turf will fight weed pressure. Also in spring, taller grass holds more dew and allows turf disease like brown patch to develop.

In summer, mowing taller conserves water and cools the grass roots. When temperatures reach into the 90’s, and it hasn’t rained for a week, start raising the mower back up and by July have it all the way to the top. In late August, when you begin to over seed, mow lower and keep it at that height all fall and next spring.

How often should you mow? Having a routine mowing schedule for your lawn is common. However; you should only mow your lawn when it needs mowing.  Grass will grow at different rates depending fertilization, season and weather conditions. In the spring, with longer days, cold temperatures and plenty of rain, grass grows quicker than in the summer with high temperatures and less rainfall.
Regardless of the grass species you have, you should not remove more than one-third of the grass height when mowing. This is important because the grass is a living plant and regardless of the species, they all undergo some stress when cut.
Keep your mower blade sharpened! A cleaner cutting blade results in less stress on the turf. A dull mower blade rips and shreds the grass leaf making the plant susceptible to disease.
Avoid mowing your lawn when it is wet. There are several reasons for not mowing your grass when it’s wet. In addition to possibly jamming the mower blades and clogging the discharge chute, it also leaves clumps of grass on the lawn. Grass collecting on the mower blades also results in tearing the grass much like a dull blade. Keeping your lawn mower blades sharp can’t be overstated.