Best Controls for Japanese Beetles and Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer
The past few years the two most talked about insects have been the Japanese beetle and emerald ash borer. If you act now, this could be the year you get out ahead of these plundering pests and control aphids, scale and sawfly larvae at the same time.
Dominion Tree & Shrub insecticide for Emerald Ash Borer & Japanese Beetle control.
Protect trees and shrubs before the beetles emerge by using a soil drench application of Dominion Tree & Shrub insecticide.  A direct soil application of Dominion Tree and Shrub provides systemic insect control with up to twelve-month residual. Systemic controls are absorbed by the plant and are held within the plant tissue. When the borer or beetle chew the plant, they poison themselves.
Japanese Beetle
Start early and apply Dominion Tree & Shrub before Mother’s Day. Be careful to read and follow all label directions.
Japanese beetles on Knock Out Rose
Protect trees and shrubs after the Japanese beetles emerge. Apply Cyonara to the leaves every week to fight off beetles.
Japanese beetles from traps.
Uncle’s tip: Do Not Use Traps! Traps will attract beetles from long distances, bringing them into your yard, where they may not have naturally found their way. Protect your lawn from Japanese beetle grub damage this fall with a July application of Long Lasting Grub Control.